From the monthly archives: December 2014
SPECULATION- Obama May Recognize Palestinian State

Bill Collier- Rumors are circulating that President Obama may unilaterally authorize the State Department to extend “some level of recognition” of a Palestinian State in a move not unlike the sudden reversal of US policy regarding Cuba.

In that move, the President worked for over a year without disclosing his intentions to ANY member of Congress and it is believed that a similar approach is being taken with regard to the Palestinian bid for statehood. This effort would receive the blessings of John Kerry although many Democrats, who receive millions of dollars in campaign donations from Jewish sources, could face a backlash from those same sources if such a poicy shift were to materialize.

It is known that the US has threatened to use a UN veto if the UN Gernal Assembly votes to recognize the Palestinian State, however in recent statements the US has indicated this would be based on “the language of the resolution.” This seeming backpeddle has led to speculation that a policy reversal is in the offing.

While this move seems unlikely, so too did the Cuban move, which has already caused outrage in the Cuban expat community. It would appear that the President, mindful that he has no more elections to endure and determined to use executive authority to what he perceives its limits to be, a line some feel has already gone too far beyond the legal norm, wants to push as much of his true ideological agenda as possible. It is calculated by some that his (alleged) vision for totally transforming America into what must objectively be defined as a leftwing presidential state that is led by technocrats with centralized authority supercedes all other considerations.

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What is certain is that the President is swinging for the fences, determined to stay in control of the agenda and determined to keep his political opponents in reaction mode as he pursues initiative after initiative without consulting anyone but his own intuation.

Recognition of a Palestinian State while Congress is in recess, in between the recess of the old Congress and the swearing in of the new Congress, would be a fait accompli which the President may believe his political opponents could do little about, but it would also be extremely unpopular among all but the hard core leftist base. It would throw Israel into the arms of China and Russia and increase the likelihood of Israel taking Iran’s threats and potential of obtaining nuclear weapons into its own hands, and it would undercut Arab efforts to begin a process of moving toward an understanding with Israel. Finally, it would result in a Hamas controlled “proto-state” and place Israel at direct varience with US policy.

We will be watching events closely and while we cannot confirm that such rumors are true, the recent backtracking on statements about a UN resolution recognizing a Palestinian State and the recent move regarding Cuba seem to bolster such speculations.

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Cuba Normalization Blindsides Congress

Normalization of Cuban-American Relations A Major Policy Shift

China Could Be Hard Hit By Cheap Cuban Labor

Bill Collier- While there has been bipartisan discussions about a new push to normalize relationships with the Cuban Communist regime in the interest of trade, the sudden and unexpected move has blindsided Congress. Only recently, Congress was assured that no such dramatic change in the US diplomatic stance regarding the Cuban Communist regime was in the offing, but in reality this promise was untrue. Plans to embark on this path of normalization had been conceived and were being worked since early summer of 2014.

Once again, a Presidential policy move is seen as undermining US law, which states that normalization of relationships and a lifting of the embargo against trade with Cuba must be presaged by Cuba adopting democratic reforms. The main purposes of this policy had been to marginalize Cuba in the region and to prevent Cuba from becoming economically powerful enough to finance a serious military threat to the US.  After all, Cuba is only some 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

The move, if it goes through by Congressional support or by alleged executive fiat that is unchallenged, would also be a challenge to China. In short, US companies would have access to Cuba’s cheap labor market and one might expect to see “Made In Cuba” competing with “Made In China.”

While the President has not explicitly ended the embargo, it does expand the amount and type of agricultural products that can be exported, it allows for a higher amount of money that individuals can send to Cuban relatives from the US, and it allows for greater tourism travel. The President is expected to request that Congress ends the embargo. It is not known whether he will use the device of prosecutorial discretion to refrain from prosecuting individuals and entities which might violate the embargo.

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On the diplomatic side, the State Department is being instructed to move towards establishing diplomatic relations and removing Cuba from a State Department list of nations that support terrorism.

On the Cuban side, the number of concessions appears to be limited to releasing an American prisoner who has been incarcerated in Cuba for 5 years and possibly another American who has been incarcerated for 20 years. There is no promise or agreement to institute any free market or democracy reforms, to do more to guarantee religious freedom and end the persecution of Christians, to allow freedom of the press, or any move away from totalitarianism. The entire purpose of the embargo was to encourage the Cubans to institute such reforms, whereupon the embargo would end.

The argument being made in support of this move is that such normalization will result in Cuban reforms, but this argument was used regarding China. In the case of China, the normalization of diplomacy and trade added legitimacy to the regime, gave the Chinese access to Western technology, and allowed them to grow their economy.  The result of this normalization of relations with China has produced no noticeable liberalization of their political environment.  Aside from purely cosmetic changes, the Chinese regime remains wholly undemocratic and continues to persecute ethnic minorities, especially Christians.

In short, there is no objective and clear evidence that President Nixon’s change  in policy with China has come anywhere close to the goals which were given at the time the U.S declared this policy shift.  In fact, it is argued, China has gained much more and the US and the West have lost much more out of the normalization process that occurred.

The Chinese, however, look on this development with some trepidation, though not through official channels. Cuban labor could substantially eat into their economic position. What is more, Cuban control over oil deposits in the Gulf which they are unable to exploit could result in more oil production in the Western Hemisphere to further erode the price of oil and undercut Middle Eastern suppliers and Russia.

What remains to be seen is whether or not the initiative announced by the President will succeed. Will Congress back the policy and even lift the trade embargo, and who will that benefit? Will the President use executive orders and executive memorandum to essentially gut the 1959 law that created the embargo by not enforcing it and, if so, will it be allowed to stand by what observers refer to as a supine Congress?

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Bill Collier- Officer Darren Wilson did not give a “a death sentence for petty robbery” as some who many see as race-baiters are saying. He was shot by a police officer who claims that this young man was threatening his life. A death sentence occurs when a court find someone guilty and passes a sentence. When an individual defends themselves, whether as a cop on the beat or a home owners facing an intruder, the death caused by their action is considered an act of self-defense. But as “blacklash” aimed at whites and cops is fomented by the likes of Al Sharpton and, some argue, the President himself, some fear the “whitelash” that will follow as angered whites, and cops, decide to push back against what they see as a libelous narrative that paints them ALL as criminals, racists, or jst inferior people from a moral perspective.

The real issue in this particular case is whether the officer acted in self-defense and the Grand Jury decided that he was, or at least that they could not indict him. Mike Brown is being made the new “hero” of the so-called “civil rights” movement, a movement that some argue is now demanding “special rights” for black criminals. The real issues in general are whether or not our police forces have non-lethal alternatives and whether or not there is an embedded prejudice against minorities by some police officers, enough so that we should have a national discussion about the issue.

While some would argue that, regardless of the details of this case, who was right and who was wrong. these issues of police aggressiveness and prejudice in some instances, the strategy employed by Ferguson inspired “protesters” (in quotes  because too many protesters have acted as little more than looting thugs) is making such rational and honest discussion impossible. It is merely leading to more hate and anger, and more prejudice on both sides.

The choice of Mike Brown as the symbol of these issues is problematic for civil rights activists in more ways than they seem to realize. To make a young man whose death, tragic as it may be, was at least partly the result of his own criminal conduct discredits all who use him as their “poster boy” means, to some, nothing more than painting all whites as criminals and amounts to a demand that black criminals should not be apprehended,  let alone punished Of course, the protesters and their supporters would deny this is what they want. and that is probably true, but the “optics” of having Mike Brown be the face of their movement are not good.

People in America are not being persuaded by the radical #Ferguson protests, by their disruptions, or by their broad-brushed accusations against all police and all white people. They are not impressed with painting all white people and all police with a broad brush more akin to blood libel that promotes violence against the maligned groups. Indeed, violence against whites, for simply being white, is on the rise, and everyone knows about the “knockout game” where blacks  come up on an unsuspecting white person and knock them out. Demonizing white people and cops will only continue so much longer, and violence against those groups will only be tolerated so much longer, before the gloves come off and a violent push back, sadly and tragically, begins to take place.

For instance, I can see a group of these “protesters” storming into a crowded mall accusing white people of this or that and being bum rushed by an enraged crowd who have just about HAD ENOUGH of being slandered because of the color of their skin. The rage these so-called race-baiters (aas some have labeled them) are feeding is going to erupt, and violently, because, as history shows us, no group of people, especially a MAJORITY, will long endure being abused through no fault of their own.

As a “white man” myself I am deeply angered and offended by people who accuse me of being “privileged” or “prejudice” just because I am white. I have experienced racism and hate both because I was white at the hands of prejudiced blacks (I must note, black people came to my defense) and by whites because I had a black girlfriend (Vietnamese refugees rescued me in this case). I do not own or receive or tolerate such slanders against myself because of the color of my skin. But I am not going to react in violence, the weapons of my warfare are spiritual, not carnal- I understand that demonic forces are behind this ramping up of hate and mistrust.

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But I can see, and predict, that a violent backlash is coming, a whitelsh against the ongoing blasklash which Al Sharpton seems intent on fueling with his divisive rhetoric. I myself feel anger that rise up in me, a desire to strike back and punish these who accuse ME of being morally inferior just because I am born white, but I understand that this is of the flesh and is demonically inspired on both sides- so I wage spiritual war in prayer and in being a witness to the truth.

“White rage” , a whitelash, is being stoked by the ongoing and, many now argue, irrational “blacklash”. Some say that is intentional, but if it is then the ones stoking that rage should know that they will quickly lose control over the situation if they do this. The fact that a notorious “anti-white black supremacist” (as some have now taken to calling Al Sharpton) is spearheading what some see as a “racist” President’s efforts in this arena proves to some that the President wants to foment a race war. I doubt that either supposition is true, but appointing Al Sharpton will only make a peaceful resolution and real discussion impossible.

The Ferguson shooting does reveal some weaknesses in our law enforcement system, both in terms of training and the use of non-lethal methods and technologies, but a rational discussion of either that or lingering racist sentiments, on all sides, is now impossible. One feels that blacks are taking the side of a criminal thug who might not necessarily have needed to die for a petty robbery and whites taking the side of a cop who may have only been doing all that his training allowed for him to do- in other words, blacks will defend Brown because that is “their” side and whites will defend Wilson because that is “their” side.

As a white man, I am finding that even suggesting that there are still race problems and that blacks are far more likely to suffer lost economic opportunities and prejudiced treatment by official agencies, including the police, is no longer even considered for discussion without being shouted down. I see more and more anti=black racist comments being directed at these protesters, and a callous disregard for the life of this young man, Mike Brown, who committed a petty robbery and who resisted arrest.

On the other hand, if I suggest that the police officer is not a criminal, that Mike Brown chose to rob someone and then assault a police office, I am called a racist by some black people who just assume that all white people are moral inferiors just because of the color of their skin.

Here is the tragedy: judging from his statements and divisive actions, Al Sharpton seems to a race war and, sadly, as whites and police become more incensed at the blood libels being lobed at them, he may get precisely that. One hopes that white people and police do not fall for the bait and that more and more black people rise up to demand a more rational response, but so far things seem to be marching toward a conflict on the basis of the color of people’s skin.

This would be a tragedy far beyond the tragedy of one young man’s tragic death.

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