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The New Common Sense

On January 1, 2013 By


Lots of people talk about freedom. Lots of leaders and wannabe leaders are selling their ideas and saying that those ideas, if we follow them, will be good for us and make us more free. That’s been going on for some time, but [...]

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Ron Paul told Jay Leno that Rick Santorum hates Muslims, that Michelle Bachman hates Muslims, and that Rick Perry hates Muslims and homosexuals. So, according to this thinking, every effort to fight Islamic extremist violence and terrorism or imperialism, such as Iran’s imperial ambitions, can be chalked up to a conspiracy by his opponents in [...]

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Reports- US Forces In Jordan

On December 13, 2011 By

US Troops Reported In Jordan

We are seeing numerous unconfirmed reports that US forces are inside of Jordan at this hour, but their intentions and their planned length of stay is not known.

While some reports claim that US forces are deployed opposite of the Syrian border with Jordan to forestall Syrian forays into the [...]

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Socialist Occupiers Wage War On America- Bill Collier- Radical Progressive anti-capitalists are targeting US ports on the west coast with street actions in the hope of provoking a police response and creating unsafe working conditions which the Unions can use as an excuse to stop work in the ports. The Occupiers, who want to implement a Soviet-style [...]

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In the 31st State Senate District in Illinois Lennie Jarratt’s bid to be the new State Senator is getting national attention among rank and file conservative activists. Jarratt, a long-time proven fighter for conservative causes and values, has won the admiration and support of many of his peers as a faithful defender of freedom [...]

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What Motivates Mitt Romney?

On December 9, 2011 By

By Bill Collier- Mitt Romney desperately wants to be President but WHY?

Often people who want to be President are motivated in one of four ways- they are on a power-mad ego trip, they are inspired by a cause or ideology, they have a hidden agenda, or they are being propped up as a front-person [...]

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Pakistan’s President, Asif Ali Zardari, may have already been “deposed” in a silent coup by Islamist insiders with the backing of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence service which is notoriously pro-Islamist in its agenda. While Zardari is off to Dubai for what could be anything from a routine check-up to a life-threatening heart condition, it is [...]

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Kross Publishing, which owns The Freedomist, announced today the launching of The Blossburg PA Freedomist, begining in January of 2012.

Blossburg is a small town (borough) located in southern Tioga County Pennsylvania which is in the Twin Teirs region that includes counties in the southern tier of New York State and the northern tier of [...]

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Global Warming Radical Freezes Schoolchildren
Bill Collier

Meet Bob Benzie of Ansford, England’s secondary school. He’s the “headmaster” or principal, and he has a plan to save the planet, it’s a plan that is leaving everyone out in the cold, or IN in the cold.
Benzie took it upon himself to turn off [...]

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Covert War Against Iran Catches Media’s Eyes- Iran’s Options For Response Are Dwindling
William R. Collier Jr.

The media are finally covering something that Freedomist has covered for two years, the ongoing covert war against Iran. This war has consisted of cyber attacks, assassinations, and mysterious “blasts” as well as covert support for anti-regime [...]

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Vladimir’s Third Reich Looms- West Unprepared

Vladimir Putin’s “United Russia” Party is soon going to secure a majority in the Russian Duma making him the new prime minister and virtual emperor over a reborn Russian reich, the third iteration, that might just rival the German version in terms of its evil potential and intent.

The [...]

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Will Occupiers Turn On Their Master?
Progressives’ Manufactured “Revolutions” Backfires

When shadowy bigwigs want to take down a popular resistance movement, like the Tea Party, they usually sponsor their own mob to fling at the opposition. The problem with flinging mobs at your enemy is that mobs can see their former sponsors as their [...]

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$95 To Reach 100,000 Readers

On November 30, 2011 By

Reach Over 100,000 Readers Per Month- Special $95 Per Month Sponsorship

Kross Publishing’s “Freedom Node” of targeted websites reaches over 100,000 readers per month and now you can get your message in front of them for as little as $95 per month!

We are creating a 60 member “Freedom Directory” that will be advertised and [...]

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While most Britons struggle under an economy that is seeing private sector jobs and waged shrink, the 2 million public workers are striking.

Everything from courts, schools, hospitals, and most government offices are facing closure or reduced services as the progressive unions are scheduling over 1,000 demonstrations to demand that, while the rest of [...]

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A series of mysterious explosions at key Iranian sites linked to their covert nuclear weapons program has may wondering if Israel and/or the West are already attacking the Iranian war machine in dribs and drabs.

If indeed they are it’s a fact the Islamic state does not want to acknowledge, with efforts by local citizens [...]

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They want to like them, these progressive mayors, but as the general public gets to see, and smell, these “Occupiers, mayors who want to keep their job can’t stomach the progressive tools any longer.

Whil Richmond VA has the gall to audit the Tea Party for pointing out that progressive mayor’s double standard (the mayor [...]

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Intolerable Acts November 28 2011

By, By, Barney Frank!

The dean of financial corruption masquerading as reform, Barney Frank, is not going to run for re-election. The 31 year politico and author of Dodd-Frank, a financial “reform” bill that is causing heartache across the nation’s financial sector, has not announced why he is leaving his [...]

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Millions of Christians have embraced Robert Schuller’s “positve thinking” theology. Schuller described how his poisitve thinking allwed him to “visualize” the Crystal Cathedral which was erected in 1980.

But the proof of the validity of an idea has to be rooted both in Scripture and in the fruits of that doctrine. For positive thinking fans, [...]

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Freedomist Demands

On November 16, 2011 By

Freedomist Demands

We demand…..

Here are some possible Freedomist demands, feel free to add your ideas…..

1. Pro-Life Amendment to Constitution

2. Defense of Marriage Act as Constitutional Amendment

3. Fair and equitable ballot access

4. Return to the Gold Standard

5. Fair Tax as Constitutional Amendment,revocation of Income Tax

6. End [...]

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An Occupy DC protestor, 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega of Idaho, is being sought by DC Police after a shooting at 16th Street and Constitution Avenue Bullets, which are believed to have come from this shooting, were found lodged in the exterior of the White House. One bullet was found in bullet-proof glass and one in [...]

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Sharon Bialek, claiming to be a tea party supporter, made a lot of wild accusations against Herman Cain.

Her allegations have no basis of external proof, it is stricly a "she-said/he-said" deal, and her lawyer is the infamous Gloria Alred, who famously trumpeted the accusers of the Duke Lacrosse team, ruinbing their seaon, only to see [...]

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Ventura Says Adios to US
‘I will never stand for national anthem again. I will turn my back and I will raise fist’, Jesse Ventura. The atheist and “truther” said this after a Federal Judge tossed out his lawsuit against airport security measures. Ventura is moving to Mexico where, as a foreigner, he will [...]

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The US Senate Race in Pennsylvania is under way and three top names seem to be in the mix.

On the GOP side it looks like the heavy hitters will be the guerilla campaign of John Vernon versus what may be a wall funded traditional campaign by Sam Rohrer. Both men have Tea Party [...]

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Israel Prepares For War

On November 3, 2011 By

Willia R Collier Jr.- On All Fronts Israel Faces Pan-Islamic Aggression- Even as the Israeli left gears up to demand hand-outs while opposing a strong defense against the Pan-Islamic aggression being aimed at Israel, the Prime Minister wants to prepare for a war for Israel's survival.

The main threat is coming from Iran, both in [...]

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Goodbye Greece

On November 2, 2011 By

National Review Editorial- Reprinted By Permission- How does one say “Goodnight, Irene” in Greek? Or “Show Me the Way to Go Home”? Or, if neither of those classic festivity-enders does the trick, “Hit the Road, Jack”? In any case, the message needs to be sent: The party [...]

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