A series of mysterious explosions at key Iranian sites linked to their covert nuclear weapons program has may wondering if Israel and/or the West are already attacking the Iranian war machine in dribs and drabs.

If indeed they are it’s a fact the Islamic state does not want to acknowledge, with efforts by local citizens in Isfahan, one of the key sites, to find out the source of two large explosions in two weeks meeting a stonewall of official denial.

Satelite images of the targeted sites reveal large-scale destruction, beyond a mere “accidental misfire”, as some have posited. What could be intertpreted as an impact crater in the center of one site with nearby buildings being levelled. The hole thus gouged into the earth could also indicate a “bunker busting” munition or a bomb placed deep underground.

Meanwhile Iran is moving its own chess peices on the board, orchestrating a storming of the British Embassy (which failed to acheive the goal of taking hostages thanks to quick reactions by the staff) and now orchestrating a not-so-subtle probing attack on Israel from Lebanon.

The attack on Israel consisted of a few rockets being launched into Galilee, which did no damage. This attack may have been a precursor attack to something bigger which was designed to allow the shooters to get their range.

Iran, meanwhile, is facing a growing likelihood of losing its chief ally, Syria, as what amounts to a civil war seems to be developing in the country. The Arab league has condemned and cut off the Assad regime and Turkey has joined in imposing sanctions. Russia and China, however, remain loyal to Syria and Iran as a counter to the United States, whom they view as their enemy.

Incidents in what may be a slow-motion attack on Iran include over 6 bomb blasts, targeted killings of key Iranian scientists, and a massive and ongoing cyber attack, all designed to slow, contain, and then destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program without provoking an all out war.

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