Ron Paul told Jay Leno that Rick Santorum hates Muslims, that Michelle Bachman hates Muslims, and that Rick Perry hates Muslims and homosexuals. So, according to this thinking, every effort to fight Islamic extremist violence and terrorism or imperialism, such as Iran’s imperial ambitions, can be chalked up to a conspiracy by his opponents in the primary race based on hatred for Muslims.

Is this the truth?

It’s a well know fact that those who blame America for 911, a lie straight out of Tehran, flock to Ron Paul who thinks that Iran having a nuclear weapon is “no big deal”. This crowd apologize for Islamist imperialism while portraying America as the real problem. Ron Paul thinks that the Islamists have a “legitimate beef” with America, thus legitimizing their terrorism and imperialism: if only the “conspiracy” of “Muslim haters” wasn’t in play, then the Muslims would love us and be our friend.

Ron Paul ignored the fact that the Muslim war on the West predates the existence of America as a nation by 1,000 years!

The erstwhile ”Constitutionalist” also ignores the Constitutional mandate to provide for the national defense against enemies who want to destroy America. The fact is that the Islamists of today are just as hell bent on destroying non-Islamic nations as they were when the first Islamists raged across Northern Africa and invaded Spain, without one ounce of “provocation” by the then non-existent America.

What is the real consppiracy here, Muslim haters somehow “provoking” Muslims these past 1300 years or a 1300 year conspiracy by imperialists hegemons who seek absolute imperial dominion in the name of Allah?

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