Global Warming Radical Freezes Schoolchildren
Bill Collier

Meet Bob Benzie of Ansford, England’s secondary school. He’s the “headmaster” or principal, and he has a plan to save the planet, it’s a plan that is leaving everyone out in the cold, or IN in the cold.
Benzie took it upon himself to turn off his school’s heating system on what turned out to be the coldest day of the year so far, which was near freezing at 34°F. This left everyone, staff and student included, to fend for themselves with as many layers of clothing as they could manage to put on.
Students and teachers complained that work was impeded because the only way to stay warm was to wear gloves, through which it was impossible to write or type on a keyboard.
While the global warming radical deemed the event a “success” and claimed that parents and students had been warned about the event and that the only complaint came from a staff member who, “in the end got on with it”, in other words, according to Benzie, everyone was fine.
But parents aren’t fine. Many children came home still shivering and some near hyperthermia. Long-term exposure to cold for more than 4 hours is especially unhealthy for children increasing the risk of sickness, especially colds and flu, and of hypothermia.
In the US, turning off the heat in a school would run afoul of the law on two counts- reckless endangerment of children and unsafe working conditions. It is common in the US for schools to close when their heating system is not working properly.
HVAC experts recommend that large buildings with older heating systems maintain a steady temperature rather than turning off the heat, even when nobody is in the building, because it takes more energy, and is harder on the heating system, to restore a cold building’s temperature than to maintain a decent temperature throughout the whole day, even during times when nobody is in the building. What Benzie has done may in fact result in more fuel being consumed while putting much more war and tear on the school’s heating systems.
Far from reducing the school’s carbon footprint, Benzie may have actually frozen a school full of 640 children while INCREASING the school’s “carbon footprint.”
Benzie’s plan was meant to help “save the planet” from the bogeyman of “man-made global warming”, but with that thesis in question and, regardless of that thesis, with the known very real health risks to children for long-term exposure to the cold, many whether Benzie is qualified to be the headmaster of ANY school of any type.
Benzie passed the blame for the unhealthy idea on to a small group of students from the eco-class who came up with the plan.
To make matters worse, the global warming radical promises to hold more such cold-days (”eco-days”) during the next semester in order, he says, to “reduce our carbon footprint.”

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