Pakistan’s President, Asif Ali Zardari, may have already been “deposed” in a silent coup by Islamist insiders with the backing of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence service which is notoriously pro-Islamist in its agenda. While Zardari is off to Dubai for what could be anything from a routine check-up to a life-threatening heart condition, it is becoming obvious in many circles that the real power in Islamabad is in the hands of a coterie of ultra-Islamist insiders.

The “silent coup” is being orchestrated behind the scenes in a series of seemingly innocuous moves, right under the nose of US intelligence assets which are hamstrung by directives from the White House which are focusing more on placating Pakistani sensibilities than spying on their inner workings and shifting motives.

Fears of an Islamist coup to take over Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, which are resulting in what some see as an over-the-top policy of appeasement in the face of countless Pakistani provocations, may have already been realized in what may now be a bigger intelligence failure than the failure to detect the coming of the 911 attacks by Islamist forces. The whole effort to prevent a coup by a policy of overlooking countless Pakistani offenses may already have met with failure and, even now, Islamist forces may have access to nuclear weapons.

Regardless of the status of the Pakistani President, or the real reasons for his ailment and his departure to Dubai, the Islamist forces that run the ISI now appear to be on the ascent in all branches of the Pakistani government, from the Presidential palace to the military.



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