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This excites the history nerd in me. I wonder if he was killed the way legend says he was.

The finding overturns previous views about the famous king’s remains and the tomb in which he was interred.
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The Terror is soon to follow. Robespierre will accept no impurities.

An LGBT pride march in Scotland has banned “cis” drag queens from marching out of the fear that it could offend transgender people.|By Austin Petersen
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In other news, corn is actually a plant and the color blue is, in fact, blue.

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The best intentions destroy the very people they were designed to help.

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ISIS targets Israel

Seven cars belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad activists in Gaza exploded on Sunday morning in apparent car bombings that are being blamed on Islamic State…
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Iran gets its scientist back, but negotiating for the release of Americans is not on the table. Also, how is this guy being released before the negotiations have been approved?

On Wednesday Barack Obama lashed out at CBS reporter Major Garrett after he asked him about the four Americans left …|By Jim Hoft
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Rick Perry’s self-destruction.

AUSTIN – Today Governor Perry released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s reprehensible comments on Senator John McCain. “Donald…|By Rick Perry
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Historic Status of Force Agreement between Greece and Israel.

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos visited his Israeli counterpart Moshe Ya’alon at the Defense Ministry.
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Rather than arm the soldiers, this man is ordering them to hide in fear. This can’t be good for troop morale. ‪#‎ashmustgo‬

In response to the Chattanooga terrorist attack that has left 5 service members dead Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has done something so mindnumbingly…
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This is not liberty, America. Progressives, this is the type of power you enable. One day, conservatives will do the same to you.
Unlike you, I won’t be silent if ‘my team’ does this.

Abuse that formerly only went on in places like China, Russia, and Iran has repeatedly happened right here within the United States.
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The new puritans will not tolerate dissent.

Besides being right – which he was – he was also funny….
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The civil rights act addressed a real need with an opportunistic federal power grab that violates our 1st Amendment rights. It went far beyond what needed to be done to simply get out of the way of people being able to defend themselves and build alternatives to racist institutions.
Ending government-mandated discrimination is one thing, coercing private entities into not being racist is another thing altogether.
Without the civil rights act, the power of the federal government to micro manage our affairs would be significantly reduced.

June 10, 1964, was a dramatic day in the United States Senate. For the first time in its history, cloture …|By Jim Hoft
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So we are putting dead babies in our children? America is evil.

Activists who released a video they say shows a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing the sale of tissue from aborted fetuses have riled up abortion-rights…
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Interest free home loans for the special class.
Interesting section here also reveals the progressive blind worship of the state and matter-of-fact assumption that everyone thinks like them…
“Most ideas were what you’d expect, including increasing the city’s housing levy and implementing new rules and regulations to foster development of market-rate and lower-income housing.”

Sharia law forbids followers from paying interest on loans, so the city plans to ask lenders to come up with ways to increase access to Sharia-compliant loans.
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There are two Americas- the America of individual liberty and the America of state collectivism.
This article is correct, but for a couple of edits-
Progressives are the race traders here- they are poison to “Liberty America”
“Masculinity” (men actually being men) is poison to “progressive America”, because it needs docile citizens too afraid to fight back against its state power expansion.
Gun Culture is DEFINITELY poison to “progressive America” and their hopes of one day rounding up the remnant of “Liberty America” for re-education or worst.
Progressivism is a vile ideology that reduces human beings to useful cogs in a state machine, a machine run by evil scientists and regulators behind magical, rainbow-colored curtains.

Dylann Roof is just the latest in a long line of men clinging to dangerous ideology that spiraled out of control|By Chauncey DeVega
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Useful life, not sacred life…. The way of the progressive.

Embattled MIT professor Jonathan Gruber has not only gotten in trouble for bragging about helping President Obama put one over on the American people…
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This will not end well…

The Associated Press has learned that Pentagon leaders are finalizing plans aimed at lifting the ban on transgender individuals serving in the military.
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The party of the past.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton could not help herself but to take aim at economically innovative apps like Uber in a speech today.
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Free. Whenever a politician says free, they’re either lying or stupid.

Speaking at the National Council of La Raza’s annual conference in Kansas City, MO on Monday, 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said that the most…
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wo choices when people ignore your law-
Send out the shock troops and arrest and, if needed, shoot people OR
take it off the books.
Leaving a law on the books that is being blatantly ignored is not a feasible choice for the state.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has quietly dropped part the SAFE Act, his landmark anti-gun law, by dropping the background checks and registry for…
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Yeah…. About that….. Where’s the space?
Burning down businesses? Ok
Throwing water on the Mayor? Felony!

About Latest Posts Follow Me:Wayne DupreeFounder at WayneDupree.comMy name is..|By Wayne Dupree Show
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Bring it….

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Countering racism with acts of racism. Shame on you and the people who teach you this hate.

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When socialists fail to deliver on their bloated promises, they will next blame the wicked business people.

President Obama is already pointing the finger of blame at greedy insurance companies for what many expect will be huge ObamaCare premium hikes.
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There should be an uprising in Oregon. This state is not American.

The list of things 15-year-olds are not legally allowed to do in Oregon is long.
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Slip, slidin’ away

A bad omen for churches: One insurance company has announced it won’t cover them if they are sued for refusing to perform same-sex weddings.
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It’s always good when government gives us permission to be free. Wait, that didn’t…. Never mind, thanks Daddy gov!

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Time for states to respond

Today, HUD Secretary Julian Castro announced the finalization of the Obama administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule.
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Yay gov!

For many it’s a live long dream to get “off the grid” and live self-sufficiently. But unplugging from municipal services has been ruled illegal by a court
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Uh oh…..

Maybe a scientific consensus exists concerning global warming after all.|By James Taylor
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State-run education is always corrupt. End it now.

SOCIAL JUSTICE ORGANIZER: National Education Association executive director John Stocks was paid $412,000 in teachers…
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Disturbing? Maybe the myth of Rule of Law is just finally becoming exposed

In what Rasmussen is calling a “disturbing” trend, support for the states “turn[ing] their backs on the federal courts” has increased in the last few months.
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But… But…. It’s free, right?

Small business groups are sounding a warning about an obscure Internal Revenue Service rule that takes effect Wednesday imposing heavy fines on…
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There ought to be a law…..

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – The mother of a man who tried to launch a firework off the top of his head for July Fourth and was killed instantly said Monday she’s…|By Associated Press
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Ideologies aren’t, but ruthless, murderous war machines are. Not all ideologies have those or even want those.

The Islamic State’s “twisted” ideology cannot be defeated with military action alone — it will also require “better ideas,” President Barack Obama said during…
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Illegal immigration is theft in a welfare state. Here is some more theft.

In a recent proclamation, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that he intends to give city jobs and internships to so-called
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They were found guilty without a jury of their peers. How is this possible?

They are no longer legally allowed to speak out.
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Yay government. The good news is after Trump sues them, Mr Bill won’t have a city to destroy.

How huge has the Donald Trump backlash become? The mayor of New York City is reviewing…
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