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Of course they do. A pure, uninformed, unaccountable, recipient voter democracy will vote in the big gov statists who will pass obtusely written laws so that the real, unaccountable legislators can do their work, the regulators.

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By TD Jakes’ standards, anyone who professes to believe in Christ is a Christian. That whole know them by their fruits thing is glossed over.
He is in stark disagreement with the teachings of Christ. This is very disappointing to me.

Bishop T.D. Jakes Wants Rev. Franklin Graham To Apologize To Pres Obama For Questioning His Faith “I…
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I think the key quote comes at the end. .. It’s been years since I talked about compensation…. PP has been doing this for years.

AskDrBrown uploaded a new video.

SHOCKING NEW VIDEO!!! Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Mary Gatter Haggles Over Baby Parts Prices, Changes Abortion Methods!! ‪#‎PPSellsBabyParts‬

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Public education for the masses…. An education to create petty thinkers that do petty work.

Part seven in a series of short videos based on John Taylor Gatto’s book, The Underground History of American Education. This excerpt is from Chapter Two: An…
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Meanwhile, while GOP operatives organize Twitter campaigns against GOP candidates and their supporters, this…..

Gen. Wesley Clark discussed establishing an internment type segregation of what he considers US citizens that have become radicalized.|By John Amato
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This, to me, is an accurate reflection of the Greek-EU showdown.

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The republic died 102 years ago.

Creation of the Fed, 16th, 17th amendments, anti- trust laws…..All the essential elements needed to destroy liberty and usher in Progressive America. We have been living in enemy country for 102 years now.

My website: Reddit: Buy ‘How Capitalism Saved America | by Thomas J. DiLorenzo’: ht…
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