Vladimir’s Third Reich Looms- West Unprepared

Vladimir Putin’s “United Russia” Party is soon going to secure a majority in the Russian Duma making him the new prime minister and virtual emperor over a reborn Russian reich, the third iteration, that might just rival the German version in terms of its evil potential and intent.

The third Russian reich, or empire, is going to be crafted, says Putin, on a policy of aggressive anti-Americanism, hegemony over central Asia, and leveraging Russian energy supplies to Europe to stifle and then roll back NATO expansion. The former Soviet satellites and conquered states within the old USSR had better stand up and take notice.

Obama’s much trumpeted “Salt 2″ treaty with Russia is set to be the first casualty, Putin wants more US concessions regarding missile defense, despite adding more dangerous missiles to Kalliningrad (“Konigsburg” the capital of occupied East Prussia), or he will renounce the treaty. Some security experts would be glad to see the US unshackled from the loathsome, one-sided treaty.

Russia itself is swimming in money, thanks to a US anti-energy-at-home policy which not only makes the US dependent on foreign oil and drives up the overall price, but with increased demand on energy from Russia by Europe puts untold BILLIONS in Euors and Dollars in the Kremlin’s coffers and gives the Russians a tremendous influence.

Russian has used that influence, often in league with China, to bolster the world’s bad actors whenever they resist the US or the West, such as Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Even as war looms in the Middle East, Russia and China are talking about an attack on the Iranian regime’s nuclear weapons program as an “act of war” which THEY might respond to.

The Russian lust for power, not unlike the German lust for power, remains unquenched and is deeply imbedded in the psyche of the People. Unlike the Germans, who seem to be conquering Europe with the Euro as their weapon, Russia is looking to more martial means. On that score, Putin has announced a dramatic increased in defense spending.

Over the past 3 years or so, Russia has been modernizing key military units, investing in equipment and training at a level per unit that far exceeds Soviet era standards, giving Russia a solid, modern, and well trained core of professionals around which an expanded force can be built.

This will all, it would seem, take time, depending on how fast Putin moves, how long the US lets the world energy market spin out of control as energy in the US remains untapped, and depending on how long the US ignores or even caves in to Russian saber rattling.

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